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WaTunes Launches Facebook Music Store

DETROIT – April 6th, 2010 –WaTunes, the revolutionary social music service that enables users to discover millions of songs has announced a partnership with Facebook, the world’s biggest social network to launch the WaTunes Facebook App dubbed: Music Store. Music Store is the world's first Facebook Music Store application.

With Music Store, Facebook users will be able to discover and download millions of songs from their favorite artists like Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z to any portable device all without leaving the site. Facebook users can also talk with their friends while purchasing music, rate & review albums, and suggest albums on their Wall. Unlike other services, Facebook users can use Music Store without signing up for WaTunes. WaTunes emphasize this feature to ensure that users are able to make faster buying decisions on Facebook.

“Music Store is truly a remarkable achievement. We are very excited to be able to bring the WaTunes Marketplace in front of Facebook’s 400 million users. For the first time, everyone can download music from Facebook without leaving the site. If a user wants to suggest an album to a friend, they are able to do it instantly. Music Store is the perfect solution for sharing and buying music on Facebook.” Says Kevin Rivers, CEO of WaTunes.

About WaTunes

WaTunes is a social music service that enables fans to discover new music in a complete social environment. Users can purchase millions songs, ringtones, share information, make instant calls via Skype, embed any widget from any platform including YouTube, MySpace, VEVO, Dijit, and more!

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Music Store: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=107940119224416

Could WaTunes Be On The Cutting Edge In The Music Industry?





In the the past month, WaTunes has announced a slew of distribution services for its artists and record labels including its Streamline technology, Pay-As-You-Go, and for the first time ever, distributing mobile apps on the iPhone App Store. But could WaTunes really be on the cutting edge in the music industry? Founder & CEO Kevin Rivers seems to think so. Focusing on branding WaTunes into a consumer service where fans can discover new music, Kevin has spoke about the change in the industry of digital distribution and digital music discovery.



WaTunes Goes Live With New Marketplace

Hey guys,


Exciting news. Today, we launch the brand new WaTunes Marketplace. As an artist, you now have the ability to sell your music to your fans directly from WaTunes. If you're a music lover, you can discover millions of songs from your favorite artists, share them with friends and much more. With this new offering, WaTunes has positioned itself to offer both streams & downloads in its entirety!


So how can you stream music (How can my fans stream my music)?


With WaTunes next generation social platform, we enable every user to be able to embed their favorite music & video players. This includes MySpace, YouTube, VEVO, ReverbNation, Dijit, and more! Through our preferred MySpace players, users will be able to stream full tracks directly from your profile.


So how can you buy music (How can my fans buy my music)?


Now with the WaTunes Marketplace, you can discover all your favorite titles with just one click! For artists, you can link your WaTunes profile to your Marketplace artist page to direct your fans to easily buy your music without ever leaving the site! In this example, you can see my WaTunes profile completely decked out with instant access to my music!


What else is new?


As you can see the site is completely remapped to focus on the new Marketplace. All links has been directed to point to the latest hits and titles in our new music store. We've also created a brand new Forums. Feel free to register your forums account, start up some trending topics, and get a discussion going. All of the WaTunes staff will be active on the forums as we get some activity flowing.


Other than that I hope that you guys enjoy the WaTunes Marketplace and have some fun exploring some new content. As always, feel free to hit us up with any ideas, comments, or suggestions you think could make your experience with WaTunes better and better!

Digital Distributor WaTunes Becoming A MySpace?

WaTunes to Become the New MySpace?
DETROIT – September 4th, 2009 –WaTunes, the world’s first free online music distribution service that enables artists and record labels to sell their music entirely free on iTunes has announced its official release date of their social music site WaTunes New Experience. WaTunes New Experience (or WaTunes N.E.) is WaTunes next generation social platform that enables music artists and fans to communicate directly with one another and engage in social activities like listening to music, buying ringtones, and watching music videos and trends. WaTunes New Experience aims to provide a different approach to interact and discover new music. By integrating technologies from leading voice services like Skype, WaTunes has created a new way for fans to make voice calls to their favorite artist over the internet. Tony Pytleski, Vice President of WaTunes spoke about the Skype integration:

“Skype is a very cool way to contact and communicate with your friends, family, and business partners for free. We’ve adapted to use Skype internally for all of the staff here at WaTunes. By integrating their technology into our social platform, we’ve open a new approach for fans to make instant calls to their favorite artist, artists can make instant calls to their fans or labels, and the sky is the limit. “

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