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Reverbnation packs a punch in DD wars !!


It's hard to argue with the facts.. reverbnation are offering musicians a very tempting deal.

It's fast becoming the ultimate OMD, it's everything ArtistLaunch should have become and were indeed heading towards back in 2005 before it self-destructed..

However, where one road ends another will be built... 

Having all those tools at your disposal still does'nt get your heard by the average joe out there...

Thats the challenge for ArtistLaunch...


Digital Distribution from ReverbNation

Get your music on 10 MAJOR MUSIC STORES (including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and eMusic), KEEP 100% of the Royalties, and get FREE PROMOTIONAL TOOLS! Setup your albums for FREE and pay only when you decide to release them.

How it Works


Online Music Distribution / Promotion Comparison

There is no minimum number of tracks per album, and a maximum of 50 tracks per album. The price comparison below is based on the following typical configuration: An Artist who submits one 12-track album, to 10 online music stores, and does not already have a UPC code. Artists may submit an album of any size through ReverbNation, check the Digital Distribution FAQs page for more info.

  ReverbNation Tunecore CD Baby
Price (includes UPC Code) $34.95* $41.73* $55.00**
% of Royalties Taken 0% 0% 9%
Detailed Stats YES NO NO
Income Reporting YES YES YES
FREE Promotional Tools YES NO NO

* - Annual renewal fees may apply.
** - Includes UPC code, if required.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Distribution

Which 10 stores are included?

iTunes (US), iTunes (Aus/NZ), iTunes (Canada), iTunes (UK), iTunes (EU), iTunes (Japan), Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody.

Am I giving ReverbNation any rights over my music?

No you are NOT. You are simply giving us the non-exclusive rights to submit your music to digital retailers on your behalf. The same terms and conditions you agreed to when you registered for ReverbNation apply.

What do I get paid?

Each store is different, you can see a full payout table by visiting our FAQs page for Digital Distribution. ReverbNation transfers 100% of these payments directly to the artist, some online distributors take a percentage of your earning, but we never do!

How long does it take before the music shows up for sale?

We submit your music to the retailers within days after submission. But like all digital distribution services, the retailers can take several weeks to process it and post it to their websites. The average amount of time is 6-8 weeks.

How much do you make off my songs?

ReverbNation does not take any percentage of the royalties from your music.

What format do my songs have to be in?

Your songs are required to be in the WAV format, but if you have them in MP3 format, we can show you how to convert it. See for details on this format.

Now that my release is on a retailer, how do I promote it?

You can promote your release through many of the tools and services provided to you by ReverbNation. Make sure to include all relevant links to your releases in the STORELINK section of your artist profile’s Admin/Tools section. This will allow fans to also get linked to your music through ReverbNation widgets. Also alert your fans in your General Tab that you have music for sale on these retailers.


Also reverbnation now have the artist control room:

The Control Room has all the tools you need to promote your music in one convenient place.

• Distribution at your fingertips - Get your music on iTunes, Amazon and more for only 34.95 / year.
• Street Teams - Get your fans to promote your music with our free street teams feature.
• Widgets - Get free widgets! Music players, show schedules and more.
• Free Email Newsletters - Send free, unlimited emails with our FanReach email system.
• Show attendance - A new, easy attendance management tool for your shows.