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Jason Lamorris Rivers - Goodbye Mardi Gras


Jason Lamorris Rivers Jason lamorris rivers is a freelance lyricist/poet/columnist from lanett, alabama. He is currently a poetry columnist for a heavy metal magazine called The Savage Side, and his work was recently published in a hip hop magazine called The Grid Magazine. He is currently working on promoting his orginal song lyrics, and poetry as well as writing new ones for recording artists, advertisers, or anyone else who may need song lyrics or poetry for their projects of any kind. more info


Goodbye Mardi Gras

Tonight is the calmness,
But in peace we won't sleep,
excitement in the air,
it is felt through the street,

I lie through the night,
with tomorrow on my mind,
But to excited to sleep
I peek through
My window blinds,

I witness a scene
so silent, and pure,

corridors empty,
no feet to make sound,
it's cloudy in the sky
no stars shining down,

the temperature is low
it's cold and it's gloomy,

I lift up the window,
to be engulfed in the scene,
to admire the fresh air,
and look forward to the screams,

I imagine the streets
with social imageries,
with dancers, and smiles,
and a lot less enemies,

so happy
that what to wear
is what comes
to my mind next,
Black boots, blue jeans,
And fur coat is then set,

and then i drift
back into the scene
in my mind,
where the streets are packed
with tourism and attraction,
fun conversations,
and lively interaction,

Where music
plays loud,
And drums beat with ease
Mesmerized by the moment
As I inhale the cool

colorful clothing,
and assortment of array,
where I will waste
no time
when I say kiss me today,

the day that prepares for
the christian season of lent,
a passionate desire
for cloud 9
heaven scent,

Hunduran with
snow boots,
the masquerade queen,
furnished with fur coat
with eyes of a dream,
Saying good bye to winter,
and bringing in spring,
kissing me with lips
of lip gloss so sheen,

beginning on epiphany,
or a day right behind,
french for fat tuesday,
or shrove in tradition,
wearing masks and costumes,
a social convention,

dancing, sports
competitions, and parades,
It is a season of balls,
some of them masquerade,

and king cake parties
with purple, green, and gold flurrying,
And the wonderful smell
of gumbo stew steady roaring,

carnival krewes
toss throws to the crowds,
strings of plastic color beads, as they all scream loud,

doubloons are tossed
which are dollar-sized coins,
along with decorated throw cups,
and small inexpensive toys,

Mardi gras parade
zulu, and rex, are social clubs,

Flambeau carriers get tossed coins to succeed,
powered by naphtha
so that they can proceed,
Free spirited women
flashing breasts to get beads,

Zulu coconut
handed down throughout crowds,
the most sought after gift,
painted gold to give a smile,

tourists embrace
the activities
on Bourbon Street,
and French Quarter
Which are neglected
by parades, because of
narrow streets, and obstructions,

Now uptown, and mid-city
are where parades take hold,
And follow a route
along st. Charles,
and the street of the canal,

painted faces, and bodies,
with masks to cover the contour,
Different color floats,
purple, gold, and green,
for i can not wait
to be apart of that scene,

That scene is in
many places, from mobile,
to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil,

Where trinkets, candy, cookies
and beads
are tossed to the crowd,
as if to be in pure need,

And roses, panties, frisbees,
and pies,
are all heaven scent,
a pure gift from the skies,

it will all end on the
wednesday of ash,
Good bye mardi gras season
as the streets are left with
the trash

Jason lamorris rivers Copyright ©2010